Business Diagnostic Program

Our business diagnostic program is carefully tailored to meet your requirements. The program starts with a current appraisal of your business, understanding your business growth options and potential barriers to growth. We undertake a detailed functional review of finance, HR, sales, marketing and operations.


We will provide you with a highly-focused Growth Action Plan which breaks through barriers and drives growth in revenues, profitability and cash flow. If necessary, we are then on-hand (if required) to support implementation of the Plan.

There is tremendous value in this program, and you could see growth in revenue and profitability of 15-25% with improved cash flow.

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Business Turnaround Program

If you feel that your business is at risk of failure or not performing as you had expected – we provided tailored turnaround strategies to bring you back on track.


The program works on a proven, three-phase approach – (a) evaluation and recovery planning, (b) implementation of plan, and (c) stabilisation and return to growth of the business. Our evaluative approaches looks closely at all areas of your business - finance, HR, operations, logistics, sales, marketing, and deployment of technology.

Business Accelerator Program

Our Business Accelerator Programme closely examines organisational fitness, leadership, planning, customer focus, operations, finance, sales, business innovation, marketing and procurement.

This drives growth in your business through adoption of new business strategies. It will support you to understand current market position of your business, to put in place organisational targets (Key Performance Indicators) and, most importantly, be clear on how to achieve those targets.

Whether your strategic consideration is growing existing business, acquiring a new one through merger/acquisition, downsizing or tackling new markets, we are able to help and draw on a wealth of experience.

Unlock your Cash Potential

If your business is suffering from any of these systems, then you need to read on:

  • You don't have a plan when you start your day and just end up going with the flow.

  • Your revenue is not coming in quick enough.

  • Your expenses are out of control like a leaking tap.

  • Your are holding too much stock.

  • Idle assets sitting in the warehouse.

  • Too many bills to pay.

  • Not enough money to pay the tax when it is due.

  • You do not have enough cash to grow your business.

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